Sushi Dojo NYC Noodle House is focused on noodles and broth — hot or cold —  and it’s a stable of this little shop in Alphabet city in the East Village. Prepared in the Japanese tradition, it is also is known for its Ramen options.

Sushi Dojo NYC Noodle House is brought to you by the creators of the famed Sushi Dojo only blocks away,

The dress is causal, of course. The atmosphere is intimate; a great nook for a quick meal, beer and saki for friends to gather for food, drinks and conversation.



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Eat in, take out, or order online for delivery. Enjoy noodles and broth, or just stop in for a hot or cold saki or beer with friends for a comfortable visit in a quiet atmosphere.

Located on Avenue B — just off the northwest corner 3rd street in New York City, it what Alphabet City is all about — specialty one-off creations.

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Sushi Dojo Restaurant in the east village has a highly regarded sushi bar and table dining.

History and Tradition of an Izakaya

Chef “Jimbo” Etsuo makes his creations with a labor of love, adhering to the traditions of his native Japan. Born and raised in Nagano, Japan in mountains north of Tokyo, he traveled as a young man to London where he did his schooling, working in restaurants from the bottom up, and he fell in love with cooking with a mission to make his customer smile in culinary delight. 

From there he traveled to New York CIty, the land of opportunity where he rose to his ambition of chef. Stop in between 6:pm and 1:am 24/7.