1 August 2017

Dojo Izakaya Changes to Sushi Dojo NYC Noodle House

1 August 2017,

Despite some great reviews from clients as well as critics, the owners of Dojo Izakaya have converted the little east village gastro pub into […]

5 September 2015

Eating with Chopsticks

5 September 2015,

Stop doing it wrong Chef Bouhadana stressed in a recent video for the ZAGAT Food Channel. Eating with chopsticks is difficult for some westerners, but […]

14 June 2015

Dojo Izakaya Sets Up A Pinterest page

14 June 2015,

Ok, we’ve finally come around and succumb to the social media movement. We’re not sure what it is or how it works, but Dojo […]

9 April 2015

A Great Start

9 April 2015,

We’ve officially opened at Dojo Izakaya after a few months of tweaking our menu. We’re quite proud of what we finalized with, and if […]

15 November 2014

Food Republic Excited Anticipation of Dojo Izakaya

15 November 2014,

Food Republic excited anticipation of Dojo Izakaya New York, NY is obvious in their recent article.  This is due to their highest regard of Sushi […]