1 August 2017
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1 August 2017,

Despite some great reviews from clients as well as critics, the owners of Dojo Izakaya have converted the little east village gastro pub into a  Japanese Noodle House. Sushi Dojo NYC Noodle House is serving up udon noodles and broth, as well as ramen.

Sushi dojo noodle house

The venue is still owned by those that brought you the highly-acclaimed Sushi Dojo NYC.

Now renamed Dojo Noodle House, the interior of the venue remains the same. But the name better reflects the new menu, the owner said.

In a recent discussion with him he explained that the change came about through a combination of factors.

Among those was that he himself loves udon and broth — and wanted to bring it to the public. Secondarily, he was able to secure Chef “Jimbo” Etsuo, who excels at noodles and broth.  

“In just a few weeks we’re doing well; we’ve had better delivery orders than at any time previously, so I guess people like what we’re providing” the owner says “and we’ll continue to do that.”

If you’re a food critic of a foodie influecer (blogger, reviewer) and would like to schedule a time to drop in for a tasting, please contact marketing@inwwc.com.

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